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Introduction to Cloud Basics

Cloud Camera Homepage - Main Menu Row

The Main Menu contains three menu items: Cameras , Settings , and Help . Cameras/Refresh takes you back and/or refreshes the page. Use the Settings menu to configure the various features of your Cloud account. Help provides useful links to the Wizard, documentation, and software.

Cloud Camera Homepage - Cameras Row

Whether they’re shared or your own, each camera appears as a thumbnail. Click on a thumbnail to select a camera. Quick Views, Two Day Breakdown, and Functions will change accordingly to reflect the selected camera.

Cloud Camera Homepage - Quick Views Row

Quick Views are convenient short cuts to learn what has happened most recently, so far today, last week, or last month. Each button opens the Cloud Image Player for a timelapse summary of your footage.


Cloud Camera Homepage - Two Day Breakdown Row

The Two Day Breakdown shows you the hourly activity of the last two recorded days. A higher number means increased activity. Click on any number to open the Cloud Image Player.

The More History link displays the last 28 days in the same hourly format.

Cloud Camera Homepage - Functions Row

Query any time range to find the images and videos you’re looking for. Download your media as a zip archive and list all videos files.

Manage Media breaks down high hourly activity into minutes for more fine grained access. It also allows for the selection of media for deletion.

Details opens a hidden section between Quick Views and Two Days Breakdown. Toggle this section for more information about received images, the amount of your stored media files, to change the display name of your camera, and to scan your camera’s QR code in case it’s become inaccessible.

Cloud Camera Homepage - Cameras Row

The Timestamp shows the date and time that the page, images, and thumbnails got refreshed last.

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