Find Your IP

An IP address is a unique number your camera receives from the modem or router (aka. residential gateway) on your Local Area Network (LAN). It consists of four numbers (octets) that are separated by three dots. The three ranges commonly used by consumer grade network equipment are:
192.168.0.X   172.16.0.X   10.0.0.X
We will find and replace the X with the actual octet of your camera on your LAN.

Free NetCamProLive app installed on your Apple iOS or Android device? Live View set up too? Let’s go!

Open your app


Open the Settings on your NetCamProLive app and go to Edit Camera. The About is the last item under Advanced Settings.

Apple iOS – Find your IP

Android – Find your IP

What’s next?

Now that you’ve found your camera’s IP address it’s time to open a browser and type it into the URL field.

Find Your IP


You’ve successfully accessed your camera!

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