Cloud Image Player

Web Based Timelapse Clips

NetCamPro Cloud Image Player - Image Area

The Image Area shows the images taken by your camera. Use your mouse wheel to zoom into the image. On a touch screen, pinch your fingers to zoom into the image.

NetCamPro Cloud Image Player - Image Slider

The Image Slider visually indicated where your image is located within the given time range. The slider can be moved with your mouse or dragged using your finger to jump to any position like the middle or the end.

NetCamPro Cloud Image Player - Image Info

The Image Info bar holds more than just information about a particular image. On the left hand side, a Cloud Download icon is being displayed with every picture. Click the icon to download the FullHD version of this image. On the right hand side a Video Camera icon appears with every image that got triggered by motion. Click on the Video Camera icon to view the video.

NetCamPro Cloud Image Player - Image Controls

The Player Controls from left to right are:

Resize: Click this button after you changed the size of the player’s browser window. The player will resize according to the new dimensions.

Step Backward: Step one image backward.

Play/Stop: Start or Stop the player.

Step Forward: Step one image forward.

Change Speed: Keep clicking to change speed to 1x, 2x, or 3x

Load Full Size Image: Click this button to load the full resolution image in any size player for increased detail. Use with zoom function.